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"Who's the new kid?" Acrylic on reclaimed skateboard deck


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My name is Karl Koehle (said "KAY-Lee") and I have worked in the field of Animation & Video production for over 15 years.

Currently a Lecturer in Game Design at UW-Stout, I am often drawn to the fields of Design, Motion, Graphic Design, Video Games. 

Interests include areas of; Animation, graphics, games, video, 3D modeling, snowboarding, triathlon, art & technology, and so much more.




Apple Valley, MN

"Who's the new kid?"
acrylic on reclaimed skateboard deck.

Karl Koehle is a Designer and 3D Animator who currently teaches in the University of Wisconsin - Stout Game Design & Development program.

He is a busy husband, father of two, and is currently pursuing the 
Masters of Fine Arts degree in Design.

Constantly learning - pursuing game design, interactivity, animation, drawing, and lately, programming & electronics.

You can follow some of his latest doings and musings on Twitter

  • 6-2019

The Eyeo festival was AMAZING!

  • 7--2019

My application was accepted to visit a summer program in Sweden!

  • 11-2016
    My artwork was submitted to the @KickerProject fundraiser.
    This piece suggests the challenges and successes for young women in typically male dominated sports.
  • 4-2017
    I partnered with Singer & Songwriter Caroline Agbonlahor for the   AIMMIA project (Art Inspires Music, Music Inspires Art.) Currently working on a short animated.
  • 3-2017
    Digital Doodle: Testing out my new Wacom drawing tablet by painting my kid - engrossed in a book.
  • 7--2019

Making progress on my MIA "Foot in the door" entry.